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Love Notes

Dear Planned Perfection,
This weekend would not have been executed nearly as flawlessly as it has without you. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being such a critical part of our wedding day. You put us at ease and reassured us on so many levels, that we feel so prepared for this day. Thank you for every single small and large detail you made to make this day so memorable! {Jenny & Brooks, Bride & Groom}

Thank you so very much for all of your hard work to make October 26th flawless. Words don't quite express our gratitude! {Katie, Bride}

Awesome! The staff of Planned Perfection are true professionals in perfection. As the groom I was a bit skeptical about hiring yet another person to help us with the wedding. As the wedding drew closer, though, I really started to see how much we needed their help. As time went on I began to call them our insurance policy. They fixed things that I didn’t even realize were broken! They organized and contacted all of our vendors and conveyed our vision to them about our big day. Not to mention that if my wife started to lose her handle on things, a quick phone call would brighten her spirits and reassure her. With the level of service that these people provide you would think that you had an army of insiders in the wedding industry with you. I can say nothing but good things about these people. They are a blast to be around, can answer any question you can think of, and really are great down to earth folks that love what they do. You really don’t know how well they do until you see them in action. On our wedding day we had multiple ‘issues’ that could have been monumental headaches, but they recognized the problems and handled them appropriately and efficiently. The great part was that my bride and I never knew there was a problem; we didn’t even know till the next day when we had a good laugh about it. I would recommend Planned Perfection to anyone who needs competent and affordable help with their wedding. If there is anyone who has doubts about their abilities then please give me a call and I will lay them to rest. I have given them my number specifically for this purpose, so give them a call if you want my number. Thank you Planned Perfection for making our big day possible, we could not have done it without you. An extremely satisfied and worry free groom! {Jonathan, Groom}

Originally I was one of those brides who thought I could do everything myself! After months of stressing Adam finally talked me into asking for help…..and I’m so glad I did! The first time I spoke with I knew they were perfect for us! They took all the stress off me and made sure everything went exactly how I envisioned. Choosing Planned Perfection was the best decision I made!!! {Lindsay, Bride}

Planned Perfection is one of the greatest planners I have worked with. I see a lot of planning companies and they are first class all the way. Being with a venue sometimes you have Brides who do not use a planner and those are interesting weddings and some that use planners who are not qualified. I can honestly say Planned Perfection is one of the most organized and professional planning companies in the Charlotte area. They are a Blast! {Jessica, Palisades Country Club Events Manager}

Out of all the vendors I met at the expo they stood out the most. The craziest thing was that I was not in the market for a wedding coordinator by any means. I finally convinced my husband-to-be to meet with them. After our first consultation we both agreed that we need their services. They have great visions and are extremely organized. They are a lot like myself and that is why I felt comfortable giving them the lead on many things. The thing that I loved most about them was how quickly they would respond to emails, texts, and calls. When putting together details of a wedding you really need people to be on top of things and she was. They are caring, fun and will go out of their way to make sure everything is the way you envision your special day. {Crystie, Bride}

As a bridesmaid I was completely ready to take on this wedding with my friend Crystie we thought we had it all under control and pretty managed and we happened to meet Plannd Perfection at a bridal expo and LOVED them and immediately went home to discuss it with the groom. He was skeptical at first with another payment for the wedding but agreed because he didn't want her to be overwhelmed. When all 3 of us met with Planned Perfection we immediately knew there were a lot more things we needed to plan than we thought and they helped so much with making sure it was not overwhelming in the least bit. They also knew when was a good time to ask the bride what she thought about something if it didn't fit correctly in decorating or if there was a concern with something else they would go to me first so she wouldn't freak her out on her wedding day. They were great the whole time and the wedding was gorgeous. I loved that I was included so I could make sure the bride was getting everything done and not putting it off or not telling me it needed to be done. The only concern I had was that most of the decorations, food and gifts were put in the bride and grooms car instead of mine so they had to stop home before their hotel room and unload everything. {Brittney, Bridesmaid}

Planned Perfection were referred to us by my husband’s coworker. At first my groom was unsure if we should spend the money or if would be better spent somewhere else. He soon found out it was the best money we every spent. We had limited family help in planning our wedding and I felt a lot of stress to try and pull everything together. From the moment we hired Planned Perfection the weight was lifted off. I could call, text, or email any question and it was answered quickly and effectively. They helped me negotiate vendor contracts, do décor, answer etiquette questions and much more. On the actual wedding day, they ran the show seamlessly. Everything went perfectly! As with all weddings several “issues” arose but my groom and I never knew. We found out weeks later and laughed. We are both so glad we hired them and would recommend them to anyone who is planning a wedding! If you would like more information Planned Perfection have my contact information. {Stephanie, Bride}

I worked with Planned Perfection at the Safran/Cranford Wedding in May 2011 here at the Levine Museum of the New South and they did a wonderful job making their day extra special! When i first met them to look at my venue for their clients reception, I knew that they loved their job, they were on top of everything and wanted to make sure we covered all areas of the venue. As an Events Manager it makes things a lot easier when the wedding planner communicates about every detail and keeps you up to date on the wedding day, and they did not fall short of providing me with information that i needed. I look forward to working with them in the future! {Caitlin, Levine Museum of the New South Events Manager}

My niece is one of the greatest blessings in my life and she recently married. We have talked about her 'dream wedding' since she was small. Honestly, I've prayed for years that her wedding and marriage would be all that she had dreamed about all these years. I cannot begin to tell you how much it meant when I asked her after her wedding if it was all that she had dreamed of, and she responded, "It was everything and more". There were many people who played significant parts, but Planned Perfection really made everything and everyone come together beautifully. The thing that meant the most to me was that their first and foremost concern was that the bride and groom have the wedding they wanted, and not what might be the opinions and demands of others. They ALWAYS had my neice's and her husband's back, but they were so gracious and professional that no one was hurt or unhappy. It was truly a wonderful wedding, and I cannot imagine it without Planned Perfection. {Karen, Bride’s Aunt}

I was definitely impressed with everyone at Planned Perfection! They were right on the dot with everything and made sure that everything was going smoothly. As maid of honor, I appreciated having someone else who knew just how everything needed to be and I feel like no one could have done it better. They are definitely worth the time and you'll be glad that you used their assistance! Thanks for all your help guys, we enjoyed getting to know you! {Samantha, Maid of Honor}